Cerec Crowns

At Teeth on the Heath, we use the very latest technology which includes our latest piece of equipment, The Cerec primescan, allowing us to create crowns in a matter of hours.

Cerec Vs Traditional Crowns

Cerec Crowns differ to tradional crowns as they are much more efficient and technologically advanced.

Traditional crowns normally take up to 2-3 weeks to create and implement, while the  Cerec Crowns take much less time to produce. One of the many reasons patients choose to go with Cerec crowns.

The Benefits:

  • Digital Impressions are created of your mouth in a matter of minutes
  • Creation of ceramic crown using our milling unit ensures accuracy & precision
  • On average, a crown last around 10-15 years; but if taken care of, they can last much longer
  • No temporaries, no impressions, and less Post-operative sensitivity
  • Aesthetically, there’s no other type of crown that can compete with a Cerec crown
  • Cerec Crowns look & feel like a real tooth
  • The whole process only takes around two hours


What Our Patients Think


To find out more or book your initial consultation, call us today on 01202 674331 or email us at enquiries@teethontheheath.co.uk

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