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Orthodontics (Teeth straightening)

Are you completely happy with your smile?

If you a looking for a solution to straighten your teeth that will have minimal impact on your every day life, then C Thru Clear Aligners at Teeth on the Heath is your answer.

C Thru Clear Aligners

Made from lightweight plastic, specially moulded to fit your teeth. Designed to apply light pressure, they gently, gradually move teeth to their desired position

Results in less time than you think

Treatment can be completed in as little of 6-9 months, the process is simple and will have minimal effect on your busy life.

How it works

  1. Book your consultation with Teeth on the Heath today
    Your clinician will be able to tell you if treatment is suitable, how long it might take and how much it will cost (costs vary depending on the treatment required.) If you decide to proceed, your clinician will collect all the information we need to custom create aligners perfectly designed for you and the smile you want.
  2. We create your treatment programme
    Details from your clinician will be used to create your unique treatment programme and set of aligners at the C Thru UK laboratories, and delivered back to the practice within a week
  3. Wear your C Thru clear aligners
    After your first fitting you’ll need to go back to your clinician once every 6-8 weeks for a quick check-up. Meanwhile, replace your C Thru aligner as it becomes loose fitting, and remember, every aligner will gently move you a little closer to that smile.


To book your consultation or to find out more, call us today on 01202 674331 or email us at

The results speak for themselves!


To book your consultation or to find out more, call us today on 01202 674331 or email us at



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