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Enhanced Dentistry and Denture Dental Treatment Poole


Education and dental treatment has improved significantly during the last few decades but for those of us who are old enough to have slipped through the net – do not despair. The health of all our patients teeth and gums is of paramount importance to us and, being able to help you to maintain a good level of care and keep your own teeth for longer is always our primary aim.

Restore your smile and eat comfortably

However, many of us will have already lost teeth through decay or gum disease and are looking for ways to restore both smile and ability to eat comfortably.


1. Dentures or false teeth

Dentures and false teeth are still widely made and worn. They can be constructed

with or without a metal framework for support, are custom made to fill any

spaces and are designed to be taken in and out.

2. Dental Bridges

Many people shudder at the mention of false teeth and if you still have sound

teeth of your own on either side of the space to be filled, then a bridge may be

more suitable. There are many designs but the end result is laboratory-made

porcelain teeth fixed to supporting teeth on one or both sides of the space,

carefully shade matched and contoured to look and work like real teeth.

3.Dental Implants

Described as a “dental rawl plug” by some, these are titanium posts

which is placed in the jawbone and can support a crown, a bridge or a denture. It

is very similar to having your own teeth and can give that extra confidence when

smiling and eating. Simon Belford our visiting colleague with a special interest in

implants, is able to provide consultations and implants at Teeth on the Heath.

4.Dental Sedation Specialists

And if the thought of having any dental treatment carried out fills you with

dread, we can call upon Lucy Wray to provide sedation during your treatment

appointments. The feedback from our patients who have met Lucy and

experienced her skills is very positive; all have had treatments they dreamed of

but never thought they would be brave enough to have done. You would need to

bring a chaperone to take you home afterwards.

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