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Plans & Payments

Pay-as-you-go or receive exclusive discounts and other benefits like dental insurance and special promotions with our Teeth on the Heath Dental Membership Plan!

Alongside a pay-as-you-go service, we are delighted to offer our Teeth on the Heath Dental Care Plan, which enables us to provide you with the treatment and support that best suits your needs and is an excellent way of covering the costs of your routine dental and hygiene care. Research shows that dental care plans are the single most effective way of maintaining good dental health.

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NHS Provision

We currently have a small NHS contract and at present our adult list is completely full. We encourage adult patients to check the availability of NHS provision for their children.

Payment & Finance

Patients are requested to pay for treatment at the end of each appointment, although this can be discussed with your dentist and arrangements for extended payments can be made. We accept cash, cheques and all major credit or debit cards and also offer interest free finance.

Dental Fee Guide

Treatment Type Members Private
Routine care

New patient consultation
(Includes X-rays)

£59.00 £59.00
Routine Examination Free £52.00
Hygienist session Free £58.00
Routine x-ray Included £9.50 each
Fillings (silver) From £59.90 From £74.88
Fillings (white) From £79.04 From £98.80
Root fillings From £302.85 From £378.56
Routine simple £72.38 £90.40
Complex £89.86 £112.32
Surgical £133.12 £166.40
Crowns and bridges
Porcelain crowns From £478.00 From £599.00
Bridges From £478.55 From £609.44
Acrylic From £537.00 From £672.00
Metal base From £677.00 From £840.00
Full mouth £306.00 £384.00


Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Assistance Scheme
Dental trauma Limit: £10,000
Excess: £25 external
£25 internal
Emergency callout Limit: £200 (up to £350 for
treatment abroad)
Excess: £25


as a result of dental trauma

£50 per day after the first day – maximum 365 days
Facial scarring
(compensation) as a
result of dental trauma
£50 – £500 up to 5 cm £50
5 cm – 7.5 cm £100
over 7.5 cm £500

Redundancy protection

Not applicable to RIs or to single company schemes

Plan premiums paid for up to one year, maximum £15 per month for a single plan, or £60 per month for multiple plans on behalf of dependants, with a waiting period of 30 days. Patients must have been employed for a minimum of six months if the claim is within the first six months of joining the plan.

Does not apply to fixed-term contracts or self-employed patients.

Oral cancer upon diagnosis £2,500 (effective after first 90 days of joining the plan)


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