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Teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry Poole

Are you unhappy with the shape, position or colour of your teeth? Do you

feel embarrassed about your teeth and hate showing them in photographs?

We may be able to supply the solution……..

Our stages to a perfect smile:

1. Examination

First stage is our thorough examination including-rays and possibly impressions

to make models of your teeth. Photographs are often helpful too. We will listen

to your concerns, discuss the options available and offer a treatment plan

including any alternative solutions customised to suit you.


2. Airpolishing existing tooth stains

If it is just staining on your teeth which is bothering you, try our airpolishing.

This is best described as gentle “sandblasting” although we obviously use

something much more kind to teeth. It is a great way to get rid of staining caused

by tobacco, red wine, tea and coffee and restores the teeth to their natural shade.

Often this is just the lift your smile needs!


3. Whitening kits to take home

Are you looking for a whiter, healthy-looking smile? Whitening is a very effective

way to achieve this easily and controllably. We provide custom-made trays and

the whitening gels enabling you to dramatically alter the shade of your teeth in

the comfort of your own home. Whitening will usually last for about 18 months

and, as long as your trays still fit, can be “topped up” from time to time for that

special occasion.


4. Adult teeth straightening

Teeth not straight enough? Have you had orthodontics (worn braces) in the past

and now your teeth have moved? We can provide adult orthodontics using

either fixed appliances and clear brackets or using “invisible braces”. The

invisible braces involve an amazing piece of digital technology involving

scanning the impressions and then customising a treatment plan using a series of

transparent positioners to move the teeth gradually into a more aesthetic

arrangement, sometimes in combination with fixed or removable appliances. We

also plan for retainers to limit the risk of teeth moving again.


5. Crowning and capping teeth

Crowns – these are also often referred to as “caps”. The tooth is prepared and an

impression sent to the laboratory where a “tooth” is made to fit. This enables us

to reposition or reshape a tooth and change the shade or hide large and unsightly

fillings with a stronger alternative.


6. Veneers

Veneers are similar to having a false fingernail placed on your teeth. They are

much thinner than crowns and can be used where the strength provided by the

restoration is less critical and the alterations needed are smaller than those

achievable with a crown. Veneers require less tooth surface removal than a


Why not book your consultation and find out what we can do to make your smile the

smile of your dreams.

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